Many years ago I installed Mint 14 Cinnamon on a Netbook I have.

I now want to get rid of Windows 10 on my All in One PC.

Will the CD I have (still ) with the Mint14 version of Cinnamon still install and work on the new PC?

Or do I have to get another CD or download?

Hello David - welcome to the Forum.

If the netbook is 32-bit and the new PC is 64-bit then: possibly. BUT…

  1. Mint 14 is probably not supported now (new one is Mint 20) so security updates might be lacking, which is not a good idea unless you intend never to use the internet.
  2. You can download 64-bit Mint 20 or any other Linux version for free - or, indeed buy a “live disc or USB” of your chosen operating system.

You can download Mint 20 (with a choice of desktops) here: Download Linux Mint 21.3 - Linux Mint.
Or Ubuntu 20 here:
Or for more choices and descriptions have a read of

Probably too much choice! But other Members can offer advice on particular versions - just ask.


A computer that can run Windows 10 can run any Linux, but Mint is always a good choice! Check the latest documentation:

The installation guide shows you how to download and verify the installation medium, and how to put it on a DVD or USB stick — I think it’s grown too big for a CD, if that’s what you really have. The old CD will have the tools to do the job, unlike Windows where you need to download them, so boot it up into a live session and use it to prepare your installer.