Minty fresh store

Seeing that there is some Linux Mint interest on this forum, there is an announcement about the Linux Mint Store:
You can access it here:

I might just go for the Case Badge costing $3.99

Interesting … and a bit odd at the same time …

I’ve gotta love the way Mint are claiming it as a “Linux Mint Store”, when it’s just links to companies that sell “Linux pre-installed PC’s” not even specifically “Mint PC’s”

They ALL end up at other websites … such as -

All of which do other distro’s

Nothing is directly from Mint … so IMHO it’s not really a “Store” … or do you disagree ?

Nothing is directly from Mint .. so IMHO it's not really a "Store" .. or do you disagree ?

Yeah, you are right of course. :smiley:
But you could look at it as a fund-raising effort. It is more like a click-through shop, earning some percentage of commission on all sales.
And a bit more if you actually specify Mint for the goods you purchase.

That makes more sense :slight_smile:

I did however come across something interesting whilst following links through the “Mint Store” …

I wonder why I’ve not spotted this before ::slight_smile:

The “Trusted Computer Groups” has a member list that reads lke a who’s who of hardware and proprietary software companies

Bit worrying that :o

I wonder why I've not spotted this before ::)

I am surprised that you have missed this one. :o
At one time it was on top of my ‘worry list’.
If I remember correctly I read somewhere that the TPM chip was built into the machines for some time,
just waiting to be activated by the right crook.
As for the members of the TCG, well they all stand to gain by stepping on your toes. ::slight_smile:

I wonder if “secure boot” is Microsoft “testing the water” as it were.

I would not be surprised at all :frowning: