Mobile broadband dongle with Acer Aspire One running Linpus Lite

Has anyone had success using the ZTE MF112 dongle supplied by 3 network on the AA1?

It was a simple ‘plug and play’ operation when my friend used it on his Macbook, but the Mobile Partner on the AA1 didnt recognise it. To be fair it does not mention Linux on the 3 dongle box, only use with MS Windows or Mac.

Any advice on this or about success with using broadband dongles from other mobile networks on the AA1 would be much appreciated.

I think getting it to work on Linpus Lite is going to be difficult to say the least… maybe this will help:

Try that, and let us know if you get any errors.

Your other options are to change to a Linux distro that was released after the MF112 dongle came out :slight_smile: and has a more up to date network manager.

Or get rid of it and get an E585 Mifi … More info here:

Thanks again for the advice Mark.

I think I will go for the Mifi option, it sounds like a much simpler approach for Linpus Lite users.

p.s. the Firefox 4.0.1 installation that you helped me to install is working fine with no crashes or problems. Makes web browsing much easier and has far more options to customise than the original FF2. :slight_smile: