More changes to Unity as Ubuntu 11.10 approaches

Just reading on, and saw this.

Some cool changes, definitely looking a lot better than before.

Somescreen shots for those who don’t want to read the article.

Circle of friends logo has now been shifted into the launcher, allowing Close-Maximize-Minimize buttons to go all the way to the left in fullscreen view with a window, and the global menu.

Personally I can’t wait for 11.10. Hopefully a lot of issues will be resolved, and Unity will appeal to more users. I love the new unity manager! ::slight_smile:

Yeh, I spotted something similar on Linux Today and UbuntuVibes :slight_smile:

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Cheers Mark, and yeah pretty cool eh? I’m just hoping there will be a few new themes added. Or at least someone can make a new one specifically for Unity. Oh and that the Launcher can be moved too, sick of it being on the left :frowning:

Though they reckon it’s slow and buggy at the moment… but it must be remembered they are using a pre-release, so let’s hope it improves.

I have no doubt there will be third party themes, icon packs, etc. … but probably not till Ubuntu stop fiddling with Unity :wink:

Nothing stopping you using the “Classic” desktop for now though… then you can customise to your hearts content.

Well let’s remember, it is only in pre-release so there is still lots of things to iron out from 11.04. I was thinkin’ about going back to Classic, it’s GNOME3 that comes with Natty isn’t it? Been meaning to give it a go.

NO… “Classic” in 11.04 is GNOME 2.x, same as 10.04, 10.10 etc.

GNOME 3 looks more like Unity… see here:

Also be aware Ubuntu 11.10 will not have GNOME 2.x installed by default… so you won’t “immediately” be able to select it from the session menu… but you CAN still install it yourself.

Are you telling me, that for the duration of Natty’s release I have sat here day after day, hoping and praying for the ability to move the launcher to the bottom, when I could easily have been using Gnome3 (updated from Gnome 2.xx)and still have kept all my customization? Not to mention getting comfortable with Unity as well. Thanks for telling me buddy! :frowning: XD Now I feel stupid. I bet in GNOME3 you can move the launcher to the bottom.

No, GNOME 3 isn’t included in 11.04, but GNOME 2.x is… I take it you missed this posting then :wink:

“Classic” in 11.04 takes you to a GNOME 2.x desktop, the same as 10.10 etc.

GNOME 3 is TOTALLY different to GNOME 2.x, and currently lacks in customisability, just as much as Unity… I’m not sure if you can move the launcher.


There IS a PPA for GNOME 3 for Natty (11.04) but it breaks Unity… you can’t have both, and it is supposed to be a little unstable, so I wouldn’t bother… more info here:

But I STRONGLY suggest you read the warning at the PPA before installing GNOME 3 in 11.04… it reads:

This package contains packages from GNOME3 and their dependencies so they can be used in Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty). This PPA is [b]EXPERIMENTAL[/b] and [b]MAY BREAK YOUR SYSTEM[/b]. [b]There is no downgrade process[/b].

GNOME3 Team PPA can be found here:

GNOME 3 will be available in the 11.10 repositories, but will not be installed by default… at least according to here:

Grr… This Mark Shawberhufkjnsdfkjsdbhdk dude is making my life far more harder than it needs to be. What ever happened to the, “Linux is customizable for everyone” part? With Ubuntu being what some people call Linux, why would “he” go MS on us? He said that the launcher will never be able to have the option of reposition which I think is total BS, all of this in saving vertical space. There is a feature called, “auto-hide” / “idle-hide”. Meh. I don’t fancy doing ANOTHER fresh install of Natty, I’ll leave my system be just now.

Like I said… nothing stopping you using GNOME 2.x … it’s on your system right now, and will still be installable in 11.10 :wink:

Indeed, only though when I use like a dock like “Docky” / “Cairo dock” or something my laptop runs slow :frowning: Don’t understand it, because my laptop does support hardware acceleration. Supports 2D & 3D as well, maybe so memory is leaking into something? :frowning: