mpg-4 to dvd SOLVED

Hi Mark,
Can I create a DVD disk on my computer that can be read in any DVD player or Television ?
I can create on my Windross machine but it only reads on a computer, and I want to view the DVD on a DVD player in the living room.
I just purchased a new Camcorder and it produces HD 1080 definition pictures, records on a ScanDisk in MPEG-4 mode, and has a HDMI cable to connect to Television so that I can view on there, also a USB cable to connect to computer so that I can download from ScanDisk or download as mpeg4 file.
Is there software available in Linux to convert MPEG-4 video to DVD ?
Hope someone can help.

take care
Don W
PS I tried to update my Windross video programme and was directed to CNET downloads !!! I have spent 3 days getting rid of crap !!**!!

Install DeVeDe which should convert the mpeg4 and create an ISO ready for burning:

sudo apt-get install devede

Be sure to check what’s it’s going to install/uninstall BEFORE accepting the changes.

Your other option would be to use something like WinFF to convert to mpeg-2, then use an authoring program to format it correctly for a DVD.

Thanks Mark,
I will look into this in the morning.

take care
Don W
PS I had a good look at the warnings and the second time the accept/decline came up it was a fraction of a second and then it installed a web browser (delta-search). I never got a chance to decline. I hope I have a better experience in Linux (I usually do, thanks to you)

That’s what you get when your software doesn’t come from a central repository :wink: … everyone trying to get their own particular piece of the action.

CNET are one of the worst offenders, bundling crapware with a ton of software … they’ve gotten into trouble previously.

If you are having trouble with DeVeDe you could try Bombono
You can author to folder, make ISO-image or burn directly to DVD and it will transcode on the fly too.
I have been using it for a while and found it easy to work with.

Cheers … I’ll have to take a looksee at that … but I’m so used to DeVeDe now, old dogs and all that :wink:

Hi Mark,
I made a DVD yesterday of the stuff I had on the camcorder and it worked very well.
I made an ISO image using DeVeDe and burnt it to disk using Brasero.
I am off on Monday (8th) to Berwick for a weeks holiday with the family so I will give the camcorder a good workout then.
Such simple programs (to use) and no cxxp from outside vendors, I don’t know why I went to Windross. :-[
Thanks again for the advice.

take care
Don W
EDIT I think that is problem solved (again)

You’re welcome … and I hope you have a relaxing holiday :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
When I created the ISO image, DeVeDe suggests that I could use the command line :

grow isofs -dvd-compat -speed=4 -Z/dev/dvd=FILE.ISO

Could I use this instead of opening Brasero ?
Should I try it ?
Is there life on …
I am very happy with the results so far, thanks to you ;D

take care
Don W

Have you got growisofs installed:

dpkg -l | grep growisofs

If yes … it’s up to you if you want to try it from the command line.