Im thinking of changing to Linux but i have one question before i go to get it, ive read about how my i pod will lose its music when it syncs but when i download linux will i lose my music library on my laptop because thats the one thing im worrying about, i have a lot of music thats not cd based because ive purchased it on itunes which i dont want to lose so any help and advice is greatly appreciated thanks

id also like someone to tell me whats the best linux package for me to have thanks :slight_smile:

It is possible to set your system up as a dual boot (ie. Windows AND Linux on the same hard drive) system, but this entails resizing the Windows partition… ANY partitioning operation carries a small risk of data corruption, and therefore the loss of your music.

So it depends on how important the iTunes music is to you.

Personally, I’d get hold of an external USB hard drive, and backup the iTunes folder to the external drive BEFORE installing Linux.

Instructions for doing this can be found here:

That way if anything does go wrong (unlikely but possible) you will still have a copy of your iTunes library, which can be copied back after re-installation of Windows and/or Linux.

USB 2.0 Externa HDD 250GB

(that’s quite cheap… you could build one for about the same price, but probably not a 250GB one)


2.5" SATA hard drive (cheapest ebuyer do)

(less than half the capacity)

See what I mean :slight_smile:

If you’re new to Linux… IMO go for Ubuntu 10.10… you’ll find the transition quite easy, and help is easier to find for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu desktop edition, download page:

Ubuntu is also supposed to be iPod compatible “out of the box”

yeah i saw ubuntu on another thread but thanks anyway ill get my usb stick because it is quite important to me

my music i mean

you should boot Linux from a CD or USB drive.
that would be the safest way for you.
Ubuntu 10.10 - the Maverick Meerkat
is the best so far.

Hi willthepenguingodfrey

Just seen your post to answer some questions for you.

Firstly, yes you will lose all your music, unless you follow Marks advice. The reason for this is not down to linux, but down to those nasty people at Apple, for not allowing you to sync your iPod to more than one Computer. >:(

Secondly, Ubuntu 10.10 comes with Banshee in the software centre. This will allow you to do nearly everything that iTunes can do. Last time I looked Ubuntu is not the latest issue (1.7 now 1.8 ). I am lead to believe that it will also sync Andriod phones, but as yet I have not tried this myself (must get round to trying to sync it with my HTC Desire).

The Cockney Mackem!

Banshee is now at version 1.8 in the Ubuntu repositories