My biggest gripe.

As some of you may know, my laptop is currently dying a slow and rather harsh death, which is why I’m on the move and saving my pennies for a new laptop. Now here’s my biggest gripe, nearly EVERY laptop I’ve looked at are Intel i5’s or i7’s, this is one of my biggest gripes, because I’m a HUGE AMD fanboy.

WHY!? Why, are so many manufacturers using Intel CPUs? I want an AMD CPU and I just can’t seem to find anything that suits my needs, and if something does, it’s always Intel based.

So guys, help me out here, please?

I’m looking for something with at least;

AMD CPU quad-core.
1GB of GPU memory with AMD graphics chip.
At least 750GB HDD space.
Has DVI/HDMI outputs
Wireless N
Decent speakers (I mainly use headphones though)
8/10 hours battery life

I also plan to spend no more than five / six hundred bucks (£).

With AMD/ATI graphics … are you sure ?

Yes. I’ll make it work. (Yes I know exactly what your getting at ;)).

Acer do AMD quadcore laptops.
The last Acer I had (an Aspire Athlon 64bit machine), ran Linux beautifully.

I still prefer nVidia graphics … though they’re making that more difficult (specially on Laptops) with the Optimus farce.

I’ve historically chosen AMD for CPU’s though … though the i7 is now making that difficult :slight_smile:

Yup Intel are all over ever OEM company like rabies. Nvidia is my graphic card vendor of choice, I love Nvidia. I’m a Nvidia fanboy, I won’t lie, haha.

The Ivybridge i7 3770K 3,4Ghz looks so damn good, but I can’t deny my fanboyism for AMD chips. If I have to go with Intel then I shall, but I’d rather not, especially since there is a piece of code in x64 Intel chips which has been exploited on BSD & Windows have wrongly implemented which allows a normal user to install rootkits without even knowing. Intel have known about it for years, and when BSD & Windows approached Intel, Intel basically said, “You should’ve read our documentation.”