My scanner doesn´t work on Ubuntu

I plugged my old windows scanner into my MacBook running on Ubuntu and although the light on the scanner is on the Macbook says that it cannot connect to it.
There´s nothing wrong with the scanner as it works great on my Peppermint netbook. What could be the problem guys?


Could you kindly share some important details, like the make and model of the scanner.

…But, the light - that may just be power, which is not any confirmation of connectivity.

Packard Bell Diamond 1200.

With the scanner plugged in try:

scanimage -L

and report the output.

Based on this it’s supported but looks to require some manual work

Edit: adding URL for SANE

You might try this - Installing Packard Bell Diamond 1200 Plus Scanner Driver - Linux Mint Forums

Copy and paste the instructions, in turn, into terminal.

(found by googling your scanner model)


Hi Melissa

I had the same scanner Melissa with the same issue,

Your scanner needs a firmware file, placed in /usr/share/sane/gt68xx/, I have this file if you private message me your email address I’ll send it to you and then help you place it in the right path, if you’re not comfortable giving me your email address we’ll find another way to pass the file on to you


Thank you very much Graeme. I now remember that you had sent me firmware for my Peppermint netbook a couple of years ago. It works great on the netbook so I expect it’ll do the trick for the Ubuntu MacBook too.

When you’re ready Matilda, place the file I sent you in your ~/Downloads folder then post here when it’s done and we’ll take it from there


It’s been sat there for a few days waiting for its instructions Mr. Emegra!

Hi Matilda
Can you confirm you have the file I sent you in ~/Downloads ?

Yes I did in the above message, written on June 26th!

It's been sat there for a few days waiting for its instructions Mr. Emegra!

Ok Matilda

copy & paste the following command into the terminal then post back the terminal output

sudo mkdir /usr/share/sane


avon@avon-MacBookPro:~$ sudo mkdir /usr/share/sane
[sudo] password for avon:
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/usr/share/sane’: File exists

von@avon-MacBookPro:~$ scanimage -L
device `gt68xx:libusb:001:016’ is a Mustek BearPaw 1200 CU flatbed scanner

Started that, but got a scary response, so did not go any further.
avon@avon-MacBookPro:~$ sudo apt-get install xsane
[sudo] password for avon:
Sorry, try again.
[sudo] password for avon:
E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend. It is held by process 25667 (unattended-upgr)
N: Be aware that removing the lock file is not a solution and may break your system.
E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another process using it?

That’s OK - the system was updating itself in the background so couldn’t let you do anything with the system.
If you try again, it should be alright.


No, it still doesn’t work! It still says it is unable to connect to the scanner, so yet again I have to use my tiny Peppermint netbook, which takes ages to boot up, to scan documents…grrr–

I’m not very impressed with Ubuntu as an OS to be honest. Peppermint is much better! I’ll have to take this MacBook to the computer shop in the near future and ask them to get rid of Ubuntu and put the latest Peppermint distro on it.

Hi Matila

There’s a few steps we have to go through I needed to know /usr/share/sane was on your system before we could proceed

please copy and paste into the terminal the following command

sudo mkdir /usr/share/sane/gt68xx

then let me know when you’ve done that