Need help installing a game.

I’m currently trying to install Live For Speed, a racing simulator for Windows (meh). It’s verified by WINE - WineHQ - Live For Speed S2 - I just have no clue as to how I would install it. Do I install it like I would normally in WINE? Or do I have to use terminal? I believe that to run it, I need to use the “cd” command, I have no idea what that is, could someone help me please? coughmarkcough ::slight_smile:

My alternative route was to install it in a VM, but I reckon that it’d be too slow to play in a VM.

EDIT: Just attempted to install it with WINE. Seems installation went fine. However when I tried to run it using the cd command I got this;

bally@bally-laptop:~$ cd /home/bally/.wine/drive_c/lfs bash: cd: /home/bally/.wine/drive_c/lfs: No such file or directory bally@bally-laptop:~$ wine LFS.exe wine: cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\LFS.exe" bally@bally-laptop:~$


cd “/home/bally/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/lfs”

and if that isn’t the correct path… hit Ctrl+H whilst in your home directory to display the hidden .wine directory, then check the path.

well it’s definitely the rightg path, as i copied it from nautilus. i’ll give that command a try :slight_smile:

change the current directory, one directory at a time, and see where it fails… such as:

cd ~
cd .wine
cd drive_c


when it fails, type:

ls -a

to list the contents of the current directory.

be aware, if a file or directory has a space in it’s name, you will have to surround it with quotation marks… as in:

cd "Program Files"

and remember Linux commands ARE case sensitive.