Need help installing python

I’ve just downloaded python 3.4.2 and cant get my head round the instructions.
Can anyone help me?
I downloaded the file from HERE and trying to follow the instructions is impossible…
I also downloaded the ‘doc’ file, so I need to install that too.

python3 will already be installed.

In fact BOTH 2.7 and 3 will already be installed.


python --version

for the 2.7 version


python3 --version

for the python3 version

to run python 2.7


to run python3


If you continue to attempt to install a later version, you’ll highly likely break your system

It comes up with;
python3 --version

I see I can open Terminal and type;



sudo python3

(If that’s needed?)

I was thinking that there’d be something like a separate program such as Kate which formatted your text as it was typed. Which Kate is quite good at as I have seen the things that can be changed in the settings to allow for many different languages.

Now it’s just a case of what libraries I should need to download to enable Pythons complete capabilities…

idle and idle3 (for python3) are in the repos

Sublime Text 2 (for 14.04 trusty) from here:
PPA here:

Or Sublime Text 3 (beta) for 14.04 trusty is here:
PPA here:

Sublime Text homepage:

I’ll have a look at those in a sec…

I have a problem with Kate (cue sexist comments lol)
I can’t enable a Python add-on, I get

Have you enabled the Pâté plugin as instructed here before you tried to enable the python plugins?

When clicking on the Python Plugin I get ‘Can not load Kate module’

I personally really like KDevelop for a Python IDE, you should check it out (should be in the repos if it’s not installed by default)

I installed KDevelop through Muon Package |Manager and it has, what I found, is a bug.
‘Could not start process Unable to create io-slave: klauncher said: Unknown protocol ‘’.’

I Googled it and got;
(Read the above and don’t understand how it was fixed!)
(Read the above but could not find the settings in question!!!)

How do I fix the problem???

I am a bit puzzled as to why would you want to run Kdevelop in the first place.
Are you a budding programmer? To check out what Kdevelop is go here

Well, you could say. I did a C&G (City & Guilds) course on programming in C & Cobol & Systems Analysis back in the early 1990’s and I’d like to get back into programming as I like it.

Are you trying to develop for KDE or just for yourselves?
If the latter then you could try your hand at QtCreator.
Loads of tutorials and examples. Do check out the Language Bindings which includes Python

Just for myself.
Also, back in the 1980’s I taught myself machine code - using a Commodore C16 which had a built in assembler (I think it was 6502). I used to load a game and examine it in the assembler.

I’ve downloaded what do I do with it to install it?

I’ve downloaded what do I do with it to install it?
QtCreator should be in your repos, just search for it.

Getting back to your question above.
I want to learn Python and Kdevelop was recommended.

[EDIT] BTW I've installed QtCreator

It’s installed, but…
I have NO idea where to start with it!!!

Well, you could start with the Qt Creator Manual here
Also do check out the Language Bindings [/url]which includes Python

Is the Qt Manual installable or is it web only?