Need help with getting started:S

I just bought a minibook for my daughter but we have never seen this operating system before!

I like its templates though, I see little rabbits in an purple-ish evening surrounding.

When i edit my daughters msn in it says unable to connect, I then made her a yahoo name and then it says

When I want to set up the email box it is not working and when i want to use the internet i have to reconnect to my router everytime is this normal?

And how do I dowloadebooks for her reader?

Thank you in advance for all the help…

Any idea what Oporating system it is?

Without using command lines, it usually says on the screen when turning on.

(Can I take the libery of assuming you’re not an expert with copmuters?)

EDIT: “purple-ish evening surrounding” makes me think of Ubuntu 10.4 (the new one that was released a fwe days ago) but I’ve never heard anything about rabbits being involved . . .

First we are going to need to know which Linux distribution (version) you are using, because different distros do things slightly differently, specially the netbook versions.

Can you open a terminal and enter the following commands:

cat /etc/*-release
cat /etc/issue
cat /proc/version

remember to hit enter after each line.

Then post back the results.

If you already have an eBook reader installed, you download them the same as you would on any other OS… just download the ebook you want using your web browser, then save it to your PC and open it in the reader.

Can you tell us which application you are using to try to connect with your MSN account (Pidgin, aMSN, Empathy, etc.)… your best bet would probably be Pidgin (usually available in the package manager - software manager)… if you already have Pidgin, make sure you set the account to use the MSN protocol, as Pidgin can connect to a lot more than just MSN.

Also which application you are trying to use for email (Thunderbird, Evolution, Kmail, etc.)

It ISN’T normal to have to manually reconnect to a router every login… for some reason it isn’t saving your network settings, but we will need your distro info to help.

I doubt if Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) will have made it onto any retail netbooks/minibooks yet… and surely a ‘Lynx’ wouldn’t be very ‘Rabbit’ friendly, although it does seem to get on with ‘Pidgins’ :wink:
Sorry Carly… bit of a Linux joke there (and not a very good one) :slight_smile: