Nepomuk is malware.

I had reason to reinstall Linux Mint. I kept the previously User area with all preferences etc, including Nepomuk being switched off. Despite this, upon first boot, nepomuk sprang into life and now my system is locked solid whilst this stupid program does what I don’t want it to. If I use top and kill to stop it, it instantly respawns the process. The mouse doesn’t work, the Ctrl Alt FX keys are also unresponsive. Logout fails. I could force the machine to power down, but as soon as I start it up, this program will start again.
Given that I cannot bypass this routine and given that is has explicitly ignored locally set preferences, is this not malware, by definition?
I love KDE, but the creators of nepomuk need slapping.

So you’d disabled it as suggested here:
and it STILL fires up ?

Ahhh, there’s a secret hidden file that overrides the GUI settings. How very clever.

However, my point stands as the gap between logging in to the Desktop and nepomuk springing to life wasn’t long enough for me to get at the file to edit it and then log out and back in again. By the time I’d tried to click on the Shield icon to launch Update (forgetting, as always, what a piece of filth nepomuk is on first boot), nepomuk had the processors running at 100% and the GUI was frozen for the following 20 minutes or so.

My point is not that it’s a bad service, just that it’s poorly designed. Post boot, a box should appear, asking “do you wish to index your hard drive (this can take a long time and make the system unresponsive) Yes or No?” It shouldn’t launch itself enthusiastically, like some energetic, but essentially brainless, puppy.

I would also suggest that no should have to Ctrl Alt F2, log in, edit the file and then return to F7 to log in safely to the Desktop, even if only once per install.
But thanks for the link.

I’m not disagreeing with you … if anything you’re just strengthening my disposition towards KDE4 :wink:

Tis the only fly in the otherwise rather fine ointment.

At the end of the day, KDE vs Gnome is just Levis vs Wranglers, for want of a better phrase. Either way you end up in denim, only the label and cut varies.

I can run with that analogy …

Levis … Gnome … once good but then got an over inflated opinion of themselves and started to make different “labels” which turned out to be rubbish and came at a high price

KDE … Wrangler … Pretty much copies of Levis, but try to add “style” … as with Levi’s they have a massively over inflated price.

Xfce … Lee … Once a just as good alternative with a streamlined price, but the price steadily rose.

LXDE … ASDA £4 Specials … no frills, does the job admirably, and at a low cost.

Now that I don’t care so much about fashion dictates, I’m happy in my ASDA specials :wink:


am i the only person who likes razor-qt

No you are not alone. I do use razor-qt (on top of Arch) and I like it very much. :smiley:

So where does Primark fit into all this ? :slight_smile:

Primark = MATE … someone else’s old creation, made over and rebadged as something new :wink: