Netbook overheating

Odd one this. I recently closed my Samsung netbook without shutting down (suspend) when I went to open it up it nearly took the skin off my hand! Totally red hot. No damage seems to be done but I am now concerned about doing this again.

Samsung NC10, Ubuntu 10.04.

Is this the netbook you added the intel_idle.max _cstate=0 kernel boot parameter to ?

is leaving the CPU FULLY turned on

if so, I’m guessing the CPU fan is not starting up when the CPU gets hot in it’s “sleep” state… did you try other CSTATES, like:
intel_idle.max _cstate=3

Stops all CPU internal clocks

See the posting again…

and an explanation of CSTATES here:

You’ll have to try other CSTATES and then test them, and find one that works… keeping an eye on the temperature… if it starts to get too warm, resume (so the fan cuts back in, and try another CSTATE… usually the highest number that you can resume from the better.

I would be VERY interested to know how you get on, so I can update the other posting.

Is this the netbook you added the intel_idle.max _cstate=0 kernel boot parameter to ?

I don’t ever remember going through this one with you Mark.

Which version of Ubuntu is the netbook running?

And what model of Samsung?

Ubuntu 10.04

That would explain why we didn’t go through the CSTATE fix… it’s only for 10.10

I’ll see if I can find anything for 10.04… What’s the Samsung model number ?

Samsung NC10.

:slight_smile: HeadPalm moment there :slight_smile:

Note to self… Read the posting before asking stupid questions :wink:

NC10 AND 10.04 in first posting.

I’ll see what I can find.


Try telling it to hibernate when the lid is shut, not suspend:

Hibernate is supposed to work in 10.04, but needs the above fix in 10.10.

Hibernate will take longer to resume, but pretty much puts your whole system to sleep.

Thanks, I’ll try that.