Netflix on Linux ...

For anyone who wants to run Netflix (me for example) there has always been an issue in that although there is a very good Android player, because Netflix use Silverlight, and because the Linux Moonlight project doesn’t support DRM, Netflix on Linux is a non-starter.

People have reported that it’s possible to make it work, after a fashion, using WINE, I’ve never really been sold on the idea … however … I now have Netflix running flawlessly (!) on a 2560x1920 screen on my Ubuntu 12.04 install.

This is how;

Essentially you add two PPA’s, install one package, change your browser agent ID … and it “just works” … takes 2 mins … !!

  • and Netflix do the first month free … so as long as you remember to cancel, it’s free films for a month … :slight_smile:

Good to hear it relies on WINE less (though it still does … according to the article), but I’ll not be happy until Silverlight and Flash join the Dodo :wink: