network/interfaces file

Can anyone tell me what the interfaces file is supposed to have in it for Ubun 10.4. I changed it so many times I have no idea what’s original and what’s my handiwork.

I must configure lappy to use this cable Internet and must spoof the original MAC address of the acct holder, which was easy in Windows- my LAN or network stuff on Ubuntu was always quite balky, though.

As far as I’m aware, by default it should just read

# interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

This is what the 13.04 /etc/network/interfaces file reads by default … and this:
suggests it would be the same for 10.04

Thankyee. nothing about eth0 ?
I had something, and changed it to: auto eth0

Does this look good to change the MAC address. I tried the first temp one but it didn’t connect at all:

Change your MAC address in Linux (Ubuntu)

Relevant to your use, you can either choose to make it a permanent addition or a temporary addition. Lets take an example of changing the MAC address of interface eth0 to 11:22:33:44:44:66
Temporary Addition

$ sudo ifconfig eth0 down

$ sudo ifconfig eth0 hw ether 11:22:33:44:55:66

$ sudo ifconfig eth0 up
Permanent Addition

  1. Open /etc/network/interfaces ,

    $ sudo vim /etc/network/interfaces

  2. Add an extra line to specify the new MAC

    auto eth0

    iface eth0 inet dhcp

    hwaddress ether 01:02:03:04:05:06

(A simple configuration, additional configurations will require additions/alterations. E.g. static IP/different interface)

  1. Restart the network service

    $ /etc/init.d/networking restart

Though the the latest version of Ubuntu may require you to use the service command to start/stop/restart services

I don’t think (but can’t remember in 10.04 for sure) that the “auto eth0” line is necessary as it’s all taken care of by networkmanager
(except of course in the server edition … or if you’re not using networkmanager)

Well got it working- commented out extra lines in Interface, undid the manual MAC change I did in network connections box and used those edit lines in the interfaces… but it might have been working all along- it is showing NO network icon of any type (which it also did before sometimes). Before there was no way to know what and where the Wifi connections were too, but that seemed to be cured when I added “auto wlan0” in interfaces file, Only found it by opening Skype -best real meter if you have live Internet. Know any way to add or force an icon to display connection always-some tiny program? Can open network tools, but that’s awkward

This is good- first Internet I’ve had on it in 2-3 weeks. Was using old Windows XP Celeron from trans. agency, and that could get infected, or they demand it back. Had to do updates from 2006 and update all progs.

Does spoofing MAC address protect you from some infections, spyware, or hassles.

If my computer didn’t reject peppermint 3+ 4 (disc doesn’t load properly, but it does on desktop)- think I might have damaged live USB, I’d install that but I wonder if 7 year old machine is runnable on Ub 12.4 - are there hardware requirements (or lack of) that my beast can’t handle. Would love to fix that crazy screen hysteria on return from suspend- have to reboot 70% of time.