New Hotmail login requirements.

If any of you have a Hotmail account you may have had the new login message asking you to supply your phone number and telling you that it is now only available Windows users with Explorer install. So has anyone got around this. I have had a Hotmail account before Microsoft (sorry for swearing) bought it and I am very upset about this new requirement. >:(

Seems it’s just you then, because I can log in and out of mines fine. I don’t see why they would do such a thing, as it would hurt millions of Xbox users, both Xbox Live, and Xbox community forum wise.

People also have a lot of services connected with their hotmail account, like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

I’ve seen them asking for your mobile number as a way of identifying your account if you ever loose it and need to recover your account.

Which web browser are you using ?

Firefox, can’t stand any of the others.

IIRC, ages ago Firefox didn’t display hotmail correctly (though it DID work) … maybe you should try it in Chrome/Chromium.

@BkS … Which browser are you using ?

I’m on Firefox 14. :slight_smile:

Hmm … I’ve just created a Windows Live Hotmail account, and had no problem logging on (Firefox 13.0.1) ???

I take it you’re loggin on from here:

Creation of the account asked for a phone number, but never mentioned a requirement of Internet Explorer ???

Used your link and now it does not ask for Windows or explorer.
It insists on a landline though (not mobile) so I made one up!


I’ve been getting it for a wee while now, just clicked on anything else to get past it…