New laptop - can I sell my Win 8 licence?

Hi. I’ve just ordered a new Asus laptop that comes with windows 8 installed.

I intend to format and install Linux Mint straight away, and now wonder - can I sell my windows licence to another user to recoup some of my outlay?

Advice would be very much appreciated…

See the “Transfer of Licence” section here:


I gather it is sometimes possible (after receiving the laptop) to refuse to accept the Windows EULA (End User Licence Agreement) and ask the laptop manufacturer for a refund of the Windows licence … which they are much more likely to do than want the laptop returned … but you’d have to email ASUS.

See here:

or google windows tax refund or similar.

In other words - “no” … :o

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Reckon an email to Asus could be worth a go - I’ll post back to let you know how I get on - cheers for the responses,

Who’s gonna buy it ?

Hahahahahaha. Oh that’s brilliant.