New Linux Distribution :: ProLinux


I’m in the process of trying to set up a new Linux distribution, if anyone’s interested in getting involved (at any level) please drop me a line.

Useful links

  • There is a brief overview here.
    • There is a community site set up on slack
    • If you want access to slack, just email [email protected] with your email address and forum ID …
      (this will open a ticket on the tracker)
    • The website will be available at, but it’s not been completed yet.
      (if you’ve not seen Slack, it’s worth a look irrespective)
      (and also Groove which is the ticket tracker)
      (and also AgileCRM which we’re using for CRM)
      (and also Xero which we’re using for Accounts)

All the talk of Slack, I’d assumed it would have been based on Slackware!

So what can people do to help ?

Well, at the moment;

  • Sign up to the community on slack
    • Ideas / Suggestions re; features / what to include would be welcome
    • Very shortly, be looking for people to test the desktop install