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Hello to all :slight_smile:
Ok, I have a Toshiba L100 “quoted Ok for Vista” OK!! its a bit slow! (1.5gb ram + 1.5ghz cpu + 256 Gfx + 40gb hdd) not too much of a prob untill I loaded w7 into it, keeps crashing, no drivers for the ati gfx and none planned not even from Ati them selves. But now cant restore to xp as I do not have the origional toshiba disks, So I thought I would try Linux .
So, what do I do?? can my xp pc game disks work? quite into the CSI games and point and click stuff,
as i have never tried booting from a usb pen drive is 8gb enough? do i still need a hdd and if so can it be used to install software ect or does it all need to go on to the stick?
Or, what about a 40gb hdd in a usb caddy, would that work ?
will my NKA pc suite work as i use my N95 as a USB MODEM on 3 network?
Any hand holding or good advice greatly recieved, Thanks in advance
Andy T

Erm… not really, some Windows games can be made to run in WINE (think of it as an emulator, even though it isn’t) with varying degrees of success… Check the WINE app database for specific info on which games work in WINE, and how well.

That said, there are Linux games and dedicated “Linux gaming” websites out there… see some of the links in this posting:

I’m afraid ATI have dropped support for the Radeon X200M in Linux too… this does not mean it won’t work, just that 3D support will be bad to none existent.

If your system can boot from a USB stick 8gb should be plenty for test driving Linux, but whether you’d want to limit yourself to 8gb as a working system is another matter.
YES an external (or internal) HDD would be better, and quicker.

Yes and No… NO, the Nokia PC Suite will not run in Linux, it is Windows software, but YES according to pages like this:
it can be made to work as a USB modem (though it is likely to take a little work on your behalf)… and for transferring stuff, it should automagically be recognised as a mass storage device.

Any other questions… just ask :slight_smile:

I would just like to clear somethings up here. If your Nokia N95 has “bluetooth” and your laptop/PC has a bluetooth adapter integrated or you’ve bought on, you could connect your mobile to your laptop via bluetooth, and then using “DUN” porting, you would be able to connection to the internet. This is the way I currently connect to the internet, atm, although I’m not on the 3 network, I’m using o2 but if you know what tarrif your on, then set-up is pretty much easy as drinking water. ::slight_smile:

Hope this helps.