Newbie help

I have recently downloaded Linux Isadora never having used it before
and although I have read the User Guide, it is too general in nature.
I need some basic tutorials. Where would I find such tools?
Also is there a ‘help’ function which I can download?
I hardly need add that I am not particularly computer savvy but
I do wish to free myself from the iron grip of Microsoft and be in control
of my own computer. This is my first posting as I have just registered.

Firstly, welcome to the forum… couldn’t have put it better myself :slight_smile:

There are plenty of tutorials online, you will find most are for Ubuntu, but as Linux Mint 9 (Isadora) is based on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) any tutorials you find will work for Mint too… Menu item location may differ slightly, but that’s pretty much it.
(and Mint has the search tool in the Mint menu anyway)

Whilst on the desktop, hit the F1 key, you should get the “Help Centre”

Just google “Ubuntu Tutorial”… or even better, be more specific like “Ubuntu change password” etc.

There is always the Linux Mint Tutorials / Howtos section on their forum
or the Ubuntu Tutorials & Tips section on their forum:

and as Linux Mint 9 (Isadora) uses the GNOME desktop, these may help:

Or take a look here, for more generic Linux tutorials:

There are a couple of downloadable books here (but probably a bit like the one you already have)

Anything you can’t find, don’t understand, or need help with… just come back here, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions for you.

Well ,sasha firstly downloading your first distro although reccommended by whole populations might not be a good idea,you can always find a distro on dvd with magazines openly for sale.This means if you have a problem you can re-install and there is little chance of infecting your machine /or broken corrupt download.There is a website “the Linux shop” that sells distros cheaply also.
Now Linux is a large disrto for one man to make so usually it is comprising of loadable modules that make up the system,as no man can check through these modules(it would take far too long) some times you find a vunerability(or new innovation)such as wireless connectivity that has to be considered and this it seems is where problems lie–have fun ----Davey snake!

Nothing wrong with downloading an ISO, just get it straight from the distros website and check the MD5 checksum.

When I hit F1 key a message is displayed which says the Help is not installed. Where would I obtain it and how should I install it?
Thank you

If you are talking about Ubuntu (desktop)…

Make sure the yelp, gnome-user-guide, gnome-user-guide-en, and ubuntu-docs packages are installed.

Open a terminal, and type:

sudo apt-get install yelp gnome-user-guide gnome-user-guide-en ubuntu-docs

hit enter, and your password when asked.

If you are talking about another distro, you’ll have to let us know which one.

I am using Linux Mint 9 Isadora

OK, try:

sudo apt-get install yelp gnome-user-guide gnome-user-guide-en gnome-doc-utils man-db

That should do it… works in mint 8 :slight_smile:

hitting F1 may bring up the “Ubuntu” help centre, but Mint is based on Ubuntu so help should apply to Mint too.

When I hiit F1, Firefox help comes up but not Linux help. Even Ubuntu help would be better than none. I am working in the dark without the help function. Is there a help to download at all?

F1 WILL start the help for Firefox IF Firefox is the active window… close firefox (or minimise it), click on your desktop (to make the desktop active) then hit F1.

What happens ?

Eureka! It was there all the time. Thank you.