Newbie needs Advice

I’ve only been using linux (ubuntu 12.04) for a few days now. I’m trying to install a game called Relics of Annorath. The game site says I need to create the following directory: (/usr/local/Qt-5.0.0/lib/fonts). I can’t seem to create the directory. Using the terminal I logged on as ‘root’, but still couldn’t create it.

Next, I don’t know how to install the program. It’s a .exe file and I can’t get it to run.

I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Give us a link to the “game site” with the instructions you’re follwing.

an .exe is a windows application!gettingstarted

I downloaded the roainstaller_linux_x86


Also, need to install Qt 5 (The Qt Project) and I can’t get that to install either.

To create the directory, open a terminal and run:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/Qt-5.0.0/lib/fonts

Now let’s say the roainstaller_linux_x86 file is in your “Downloads” directory.

cd ~/Downloads

then make the file executable with:

chmod +x roainstaller_linux_x86

then run it with:


Do NOT close the terminal until after installation is finished.

Stick with it Clavers. I had a few teething problems at the start a few weeks ago but I’ve come to love my Linux system. I just feel like I have much more control over what I’m doing. Never truly felt like that with Windows (even after years of using it and doubting Linux as a viable alternative).

From a fellow noob. :slight_smile:

Amen Morgan, I absolutely love it as well. I’d probably be considered an advanced Windows user, and after only 5 days on kubuntu I’m finding I’m able to do things that were impossible on Windows. I’m looking forward to trying other distros after I get a better handle on this one.

Worked like a charm Mark,

Thanks a lot!

You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

And another one bites the dust! :wink:

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