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Hi , I am completly green, needing some help. I have had a brush with Linux about 25 yrs ago, but never made it (wishing I had). Got e new Laptop recently with Win 10 OS. Can’t stand the the thing. I would like to install either Ubuntu or Mint, but have no idea where to start. Bought a 32 GB flash drive and am ready to download. But again , where do I start. Any hjelp much appreciated. Harald (hacodo75)

Hi Harald, check this out, hopefully it’s what you are looking for;

Hello there, if Harald is green well I’m even more so.
I have an old Dell laptop running on XP (not connected to Internet). I have had a few issues with USB flash drives (I have 3 on the laptop). I should like to try Linux on this machine before I upload it to my new (ish) machine. How do I download the OS onto a DVD?
Any help here would be really appreciated.

Hello Sighsmum - and welcome to the Forum.

Most people download a compacted “ISO file” then use some software to unpack it onto a USB stick or DVD. Using USBs is more common but if you are having “USB issues” and not too familiar with computers (excuse me if I am wrong!) then you may be better off simply buying a DVD ready to go.

For your DELL (which I guess must be 32 bit) I suggest something like Linux Mint 19.3 which is available on DVD for £6.49 from Linux Mint 19.3 Xfce DVD (32-bit) | Linux DVD Shop - UK Linux Shop supplying Linux on CD, DVD and USB delivering to the UK and worldwide with 24hr dispatch..
If you prefer to go the download route (which is free but a bit tedious) then you can do so at Download Linux Mint 21.3 - Linux Mint

Whatever route you decide on, let us know and we can talk you through the installation.