No cups server after peppermint install

Hi guys

I just installed Peppermint 4 and not surprisingly I’ve encountered a problem I’ve never had before which is I cant connect to a printer because it seems I have no CUPS server,

When I try to connect I get via Menu/System tools/Printing, i get a dialogue box saying “Printing service not available, Start the service on this computer or connect to another server” when I click “connect” another box opens up saying cups server: localhost, when I click on connect again I get an error message saying “There was an error during the CUPS operation: failed to start server”

I’ve checked CUPS is installed and according to synaptic it is, I also typed localhost:631 in my browser and I just get web page not found.

Any help would be much appreciated


OK, I’ve just uploaded a fix for this to the peppermint “testing” repo … you can either wait till tomorrow when it’ll be copied across to the “release” repo and you can get it as an update through the software updater … or install avahi-daemon

Personally I’d wait for the update, as it doesn’t require avahi-daemon to be running all the time.

Your other option is manually do what’s contained in the update -


sudo gedit /etc/init/cups.conf

find the section (near the top) that reads:-

start on (filesystem
          and started avahi-daemon
          and (started dbus or runlevel [2345]))
stop on runlevel [016]

and remove the whole “and started avahi-daemon” line … so that section now reads:-

start on (filesystem
          and (started dbus or runlevel [2345]))
stop on runlevel [016]

SAVE the file, and REBOOT.

If you don’t want to reboot, I guess:

sudo service cups restart

would also do the trick.

Hi Mark

Thanks for the reply

I can wait till tomorrow

Many thanks