Nokia phone and photos

Hello, I have plugged my Nokia mobile into my laptop via a USB and the computer is not recognising it- I wanted to upload my photos. Does anyone know what the problem is please?

What model of Nokia phone is this?

Also which distro/version are you using ?

if unsure, post the output from:

cat /etc/*release*

It’s a nokia 6303i. The USB cable is a Juice one that fits it.

It’s my Peppermint 3 laptop you helped me install.

Open a terminal and run these commands in sequence:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:langdalepl/gvfs-mtp


sudo apt-get update

then reboot.

Once rebooted and at the desktop, plug in your Nokia … does a dialog box automatically pop up asking if you want to open it in the pcmanfm file manager ?

Put the codes in the terminal and rebooted ( Ipresume I was not supposed to close the terminal) and it rebooted to a black screen saying:

melissa- HP-Compaq-Nx6235-RH628E5-ABU-login:

It has done that before when turning it on sometimes, but my password I use for the log in is not accepted and I have to switch it off via the power button then it will go to the Pappermint screen.

I only wanted to load up photos from my garden onto the Maxtor HD so I can take more photos. I will leave it thanks as got to do my home study music course. I’ll just have to get a digital camera.

Do that now and see if it boots … nothing we just installed should have broken booting

Done it twice and it goes to that black screen. Anyway just founf another cable that fits on the floor by the couch- must have fell out of my mobile phone accessories box and the files have come up but as they did that a message came on screen saying password protected ( used to be afriend’s phone- she gave it me) and image viewer doesn’t show the pics, just icons. Will get password from her tommorrow, thanks Mark. I have to go as need to cook dinner and got a super hard essay to write up on Beethoven’s sonatas which is taxing my brain.

Are you saying it’s all working now ?

That’s really weird…

Mark - if it still doesn’t work following a reboot now, is it worth booting from a liveCD and chrooting into the install, then trying to fix using APT? Totally agree that nothing executed should have touched anything to do with booting or user account security. I’m thinking the issue already existed, maybe a dodgy package upgrade before this happened.

OP - this is why I use Bluetooth to transfer stuff to & from my phone. USB connection to phones is a real pain in the butt; the standards aren’t followed as strictly as Bluetooth for some reason.

If it’s not working we may HAVE to chroot from a live session … but I’m still unclear if it’s working or not (and is totally unrelated to the installation) ?

That’s what I meant by an existing issue - it’s unlikely, but possible that a previous upgrade had a broken package, and the system wasn’t rebooted until your instructions were followed. It’s just bad luck :frowning:
If that’s true though (and assuming it’s still broken, this is moot if it’s not!!), then chrooting in would at least allow checking dmesg for the issue, and apt-get might be able to fix it

I found another cable, (think it was the one my friend said she had given me and couldn’t find) under my couch ( I think the house Mouse might have took it messing about at night as it does)- it loads up but phone says I need a password to access the photos. I will ask her later.

So the PC is actually booting now ?

It does what it wants Mark- got a mind of its own. Sometimes when I switch it on it goes to the black screen, sometimes it goes to the Peppermint desktop. It is an old machine so it is not gonna be as good as the Dell netbook. I have just been using the laptop more lately cos it has a big screen and been studying, typing and watching vids- easier than being hunched over the little netbook, though I do prefer the netbook as it is a better machine.

Gotcha … I thought you were at one point saying you couldn’t boot AT ALL.