not able to access internet in linux from scratch on virtual box

Hi all,
i installed lfs (linux from scratch)live CD on virtual box and powered on the machine .
After logging in ,i did a wget to download some pdf, i got this error message

" Temporary failure in name resolution"
i know its a DNS issue .

then i did ping 74.125.225,50 ( i got this

“Destination host unreachable”.

then i did ifconfig, i did not find ip on eth0 ,
then i checked the virtual machine setting , the network adapter was set to NAT .

my host OS has internet connected ,but i am not able to access internet in my virtual machine .

please help .


LFS, wow :o

Have you compiled & install the networking tools?

Edit: And, have you compiled the kernel with support for the Virtualbox network adaptor?

load the network drivers (vboxnetflt)
sudo modprobe vboxnetflt

That’s assuming that sudo is compiled & installed…!

You can replace “sudo” with “su -c” in most instances (including this one)