Not Linux related but made me laugh

It was just on the news that Justin Bieber has been arrested for drink driving/drag racing/cannabis … damn that brightened my day :slight_smile:

Now just gotta wait for the Miley Cirrus sex scandal … and the One Direction plane crash :slight_smile:

so am I to gather, he was in found at a race track (race track in Texas is a gas station), in drag with listening to the Fine Young Cannibals?

Not quite, and thanks for that image … just before bed time too, cheers :o

The little turd is smiling on his mugshot, he’ll only get a slap on the wrists

Yep, he’ll be found famous by the judge

Our Grand Daugther (11), is (?) a fan ::slight_smile: of his (!) - a “belieber” :o as they call themselves… bit worrying really… but she appears quite shocked by this - it seems to have tainted his “squeaky clean” appearance - might deepen her understanding of life a bit…

( he may have been upto allsorts previously, but I wouldn’t know :stuck_out_tongue: - you guess how much interest I have )

Enough to give you nightmares!