Offline for few days

Due to a dying keyboard on my netbook I’ll not be posting much in the next few days (though I may appear to be online), until the new one arrives.

Yes, I have other PC’s (obviously, or how am I posting this), but I generally use my netbook for convenience … a USB keyboard ruins the netbooks convenience.

I also have access to a netbook running OS X … but you’ll understand my not wanting to use that as much as possible.

New keyboard is ordered, so I’ll see you all soon :slight_smile:

Maybe it will give somebody else a chance to get a word in edgeways :wink:

I also have access to a netbook running OS X

wipe it and install a Linux distro, might I suggest peppermint 3

Here’s a link

You won’t regret it ;D

I just had to attach the USB keyboard to respond to that.

Here goes then … HAHAHAHA :slight_smile:

I said I had access, not that it was mine to do what I want with … it’s got OS X on for christ sake … I would have thought that obvious :wink:

Keyboard arrived … back in business :slight_smile:

It has a windows logo where the original had a home symbol … but at least this one works … may see if I can swap the key.