Ok. So what's this Dropbox thingy?

I am curious about Dropbox, what does it do and how much does it cost?

Can anyone help?

Various laptops with Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04 and maybee, just maybee 11.04!

OK, Dropbox will give you 2GB of space on their servers for free… this can be added to by telling other people about it and giving them a link to join… for each person you refer you’ll get a further 250mb… up to a max of 8GB.

There are payed schemes where you can have more room if you want.

A bit like Ubuntu One… Dropbox provides you with offsite storage that can be linked to but not browsed by others… ie. I can send you a link to a file in my Dropbox, so you can download it, but you cannot browse my dropbox unless I specifically “share” a particular folder with you.

On top of that, it creates a “synced” folder in your Home folder called Dropbox… anything you put in there will automatically be uploaded to your dropbox, anything you delete from there will also be deleted from your dropbox.

If you right-click any file in your local Dropbox folder one of the options is to copy the the (URL) link address to the clipboard… kidna makes it easy to send people a link without having to remember them.

So effectively it’s your own mini private file server, that is extremely easy to control… allowing for offsite storage where only YOU can access (browse) your files from anywhere, but you CAN give others access to particular files via a link to that file.

You can also have multiple PC’s/devices hooked up to the same dropbox account and anything added to the local dropbox foder will automatically be synced to all the PC’s/devices that are connected to that account.

If that doesn’t make sense, just install it… it will all become clear :wink: … or watch the Video at:

or even better… watch this.

DropBox Demo

Also works across Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, Blackberry, iOS (iPhones/iPad) etc.