onboard web cam

I have an inbuiltt web cam on my Acer laptop which no long works since I changed over to Ubuntu.
Or how do I get my system to recognise the hardware?
What software do I have to load to get it to work?
I have searched the software but cant seem to find anything.
Any help much appreciated
I have ubuntu 10.10.

The drivers are probably already installed… try installing any of these packages:

sudo apt-get install cheese

or camorama:

sudo apt-get install camorama

or guvcview

sudo apt-get install guvcview

or luvcview:

sudo apt-get install luvcview

and see if it works in one of those.

In cheese and camorama, you might have to tell them to use the Linux UVC driver (uvcvideo).

also, you could try Skype, or Ekiga.

if one of those dont work, can you send the output from these 2 commands:




and let us know the model of your Acer.

Thanks Mark cheese worked first go. Couldnt find it when I first started looking!

Thanks again