Oneiric is nearly here!!! :D

Today is the first day of October, and only means one thing. Oneiric is just weeks/days away from being released. I’ve been following the updates a lot on OMGUbuntu, and I have to say, it’s piecing together quite nicely! There have been some more updates last night, which were:

"A ‘System Settings’ icon has been added to the Unity Launcher by default"

“The ‘Files lens’ in the Dash now also displays results from the ‘Downloads’ folder”

“Pressing the F10 key once reveals an applications’ global menu, pressing it again hides the menu.”

“Additional options have been added to ALT-TAB switching to suit multiple-workspace users, including a ‘Biased’ setting that favours applications/windows on the active workspace, showing them before all others.”

“Additionally overly long application names are now ‘ellipsed’ rather than over-running the switcher. (e.g. ‘Document Viewer’ might read ‘Docume…’ in a really packed switcher)”

“The “Desktop” has been titled”

“The Dash’s scrollbar has been tweaked slightly”

“The Dash now supports drag and drop of files, etc to external applications.”

Mmm, there are some absolutely horrible problems with 11.10 as it stands at the moment, so don’t hold your breath.

They’ve broken Soooo much, and I’m not talking just about Unity and the desktop, they’ve been messing with other stuff too … atm network printing doesn’t work, … bit of a basic problem, even in a Beta (!)

I’m still on 10.10 and 10.04!

I hate 11.04. The old ones are working just fine. :slight_smile:

I do have to say, 11.04 can be rather annoying at times. However I’m looking forward to 11.10 to see what they’ve broken this time around. From what I’ve read, they’ve brought back Gnome for 11.10 so I think we’ll have Gnome 3 as an option at start-up… well I hope so anyway. They’ve also been doing work on the scrollbar overlay, but I think they should focus there attention to the small details, such as having a background on the lock-screen. I hate waking up to a blank lock-screen, it’s not very pleasing to look at. Also things like proper HDMI support would be nice, that way you can give users the option to use audio through the HDMI cable which would really help because I use my HD tv as part of my dual-monitor set-up. So a few extra speakers wouldn’t hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you may find that the HDMI issue is driver related, or that you need to select the proper sound source … and not really an Ubuntu issue … surely if the GFX card fully supports HDMI (with audio) the GFX card has to have its own audio device, so you’d have to select it as the output device, and have working drivers ?

As for Oneiric… I’m not going to comment till it goes “Final” and I’ve thoroughly tested it in a VM … till then it’s all just speculation.

Well I’ve looked hard, and not found one thing that would say there is something in the output properties. The card does fully support HDMI with audio, I remember running it with sound in Vista (ew). I haven’t found a way to get the sound through HDMI though in Ubuntu.

Post it as a new topic, and I’ll see what I can find.

Include -

(I already know this, but it may help others follow the topic)

GFX card make/model

and the output from

sudo lshw -C multimedia


sudo lshw -C display


aplay -l

Oneiric is to be released on the 13th, or so some people are confirming in the comments of OMG! Ubuntu!

God it looks awful!

What happened to the nice interface of 10.10?

It no longer exists if you aren’t on 11.04 or 10.10. (: I got a notice yesterday telling me Oneiric was released and I could update. I declined. Hahaha. I’m going to wait for the final version to make sure all the bugs are creased out, or maybe even wait for 12.04 LTS.

12.04 lts…sounds interesting. I know I’ll have to upgrade at some point. It’s just when, I’m safe and comfy with 10.10!

In some ways I actually regret upgrading to Natty, I’m a sucker for new things, and I’m very sadden about the responsiveness of the amd64 version too. Booting times are like 90secs now, instead of the ol’ 9sec boot. :frowning: It’s the same with the LiveCDs, those were much slower as well, even Mark noticed that.

Hpoefully Unity will shine like it was supposed too in 12.04. With the next release being the next long term support release, I’m sure they’ll fix everything that has to be fixed. (: I’m thinking about install Pantheon because I’m rather annoyed with Unity, even if I do like it. :slight_smile:

I’ll let you be the guinea pig then BKS. ;D

I’m usually the guinea pig for everything. :stuck_out_tongue: