online photo editor help needed please guys!

Please help guys! I am needing to use pic monkey to edit an art work and it says I need Adobe Flash 11 or higher. I have looked at my firefox plug in and it says I already have Shockwave Flash 11.2. What can I do?!! This is for my Peppermint 3 laptop.

This is the website that wants more flash:

Use Google Chrome … its built in pepperflash works perfectly with picmonkey

And then email them and tell them they’re idiots for still using flash in the first place.


I will do Mark thanks! I had to use another editor last night- it was ok but I like pic monkey better. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to use Gimp except for cropping and sharpening stuff.

If I were you I’d continue with the GIMP, it’s an amazing tool once you get to grips with it … there are TONS of tutorials online.

I looked at tutorials online, it’s a still a mystery to me lol-pic monkey is easier and does what I want.

okey dokey :slight_smile:

I’ve gotta agree, GIMP is like photoshop, which is massive overkill for a lot of people. It’s simply not intuitive enough, and it’s not worth spending the time learning the tool if you only use it a couple of times a year.

It is very complicated!

That did not work as a shockwave crash happened. Tried a few times.

I am on the Mint netbook- pic monkey worked here, though slow as usual. I had updated the repositories.I had done that on Peppermint laptop, just seen it has 27 updates- will do that.

If all else fails I would suggest Pinta it’s a simple photo editor /drawing program that’s not nearly as complex as Gimp but has a lot of neat features, you’ll find it in the repos or

sudo apt-get install pinta 

Good luck


I’ve never tried pinta … I’ve seen it in the repos, but never gotten around to trying it … any good ?

I've never tried pinta .. I've seen it in the repos, but never gotten around to trying it .. any good ?

I think it’s very good it’s classed mainly as a drawing program but it does some clever photo editing stuff as well, it’s like a stripped down version of Gimp

Cool, I’ll take a looksee then … thanks :slight_smile: