oooops! accidently downloaded a programme i have no idea how to delete!

Hi all,
As the heading suggests i downloaded an internet search engine by accident which has taken over firefox. Its called I’ve right clicked everything i can see, scanned all the tools etc and looked through the software manager but can’t see a way to uninstall it. I could uninstall firefox and reinstall after but didn’t want to lose any passwords etc. What have i missed? There is probably a real easy way to get shot of it, just too advanced for me to work out! ::slight_smile: ;D
kind thanks for any help, john

Do you mean the “Inbox Toolbar” Firefox extension … if so, in Firefox, go to Tools>Add-ons>Extensions … and click on the “Remove” button next to “Inbox Toolbar” … then restart Firefox.

You’ll also probably have to reset your homepage to whatever it was befor you installed the toolbar … and delete “” from the search engines box.

Removing/reinstalling Firefox won’t (on its own) work.

If that’s not what you mean, please provide a link to what you mean.

Hi Mark
Thanks for the help, this is what i have;

i was just looking for bus timetables and it asked me if wanted to download this! thought it was crucial!!
cheers, john

Do you also have the inbox toolbar across the top of Firefox ?

or is it just your homepage that’s’ changed ?

Start up Firefox, now ion the menu bar at the top, click Tools>Addons>Extensions (side tab)

Is there something called the “Inbox Toolbar” in the list of displayed extensions ? … if so, click the “Remove” button.

Once you’ve done that … CLOSE Firefox.

Re-Open Firefox ← This restarting of Firefox is important

OK, that’s got rid of the Inbox Toolbar, but you’ll still have to fix your Homepage …

In Firefox, navigate to the page you’d like as your homepage … whilst on that page, on the Firefox menu bar go to Edit>Preferences>General (tab) … and click the “Use Current Page” button.

That’s fixed the homepage.

Only thing left is the search engine box (to the left of the address bar in Firefox) … click the search provider icon and you’ll be presented with a list of search engines … click “Manage Search Engines” … in the resulting dialog box, highlight “” … click the “Remove” button.

Done :slight_smile:

Thanks mark ;D ;D ;D
got my google homepage back!
much better now!