optimize old ubuntu for normal use

hi, i found my old samsung n140 with ubuntu netbook remix, i think version is 10.10. i dont want any light os neither new ubuntu, it will be too much and i dont want win xp style. i am averafe user and i dont know to compile. i would like to optimize this system for normal use if it’s possible? thank you.

What do you mean by “optimise for normal use” ?

Ubuntu Netbook Remix became Ubuntu Netbook Edition — then it effectively closed Canonical Blog

You can’t update Ubuntu Net Remix.
You don’t want any light OS.
You don’t want the current Ubuntu.

What do you want?

I would advise you to look at Linux Lite https://www.linuxliteos.com/

It is possible to reactivate the 10.10 software repositories via the “old-releases” repository archives … this will allow you to install software again but you have to bear in mind these repositories were frozen at the time support ended so will only contain old software, nothing new will have been added since the distro reached “end of life”.

see here:

i visited few forums and on all ppl sugested switching to other distro, only you gaved right answer! thank you sir! i wish you become milionaire.

i have one more question, can i install the current versions of programs which i use? like Kodi or gimp etc

“possibly”, but I seriously doubt it … I’d presume they’re going to require more recent dependencies than 10.10 has.

is there a fix for right mouse click? i cant find anything on google

Why wassup with the right mouse click ?

I found that Linux Lite is running somewhat heavier than Linux Mint Mate or Linux Mint Xfce. Also keep in mind that Linus Lite uses a combi between Xfce and LXDE applications.

No wrong advise! Seriously! And he gave his own answer why it is wrong to revive old, closed, frozen, abandoned repositories! That is why you always get the advise to switch to the latest version of any distro! Using old, frozen, non-maintained repositories is a security risk, this a huge valid reason not to revive frozen repositories.