Paperport and Virtual machine????

Now that I’m into Linux I would love to carry on using PaperPort and I am reliably informed I can use it within Linux via something called “Virtual Machine”?

If this is so could some kind soul show me how is simple and easy to understand steps? Perhaps at the same time you can let me know what other uses and benefits this “Virtual Machine” can provide?

Just for the record I have only been using Linux for a week or two and I get more impressed with each day that passes - the product itself and the support and help - BRILLIANT! Microsoft should be shaking in their boots!


You “could” run PaperPort inside a Virtual Machine, which is basically running windows “inside” Linux, but you would still be running a full copy of windows, and as far as I know (could be wrong here) it would only be able to interact with documents saved within the VM and not documents saved in the Linux hosts file system, and you would probably have MAJOR problems getting a Scanner connected to a Linux PC to pass documents directly to Windows in a VM… plus you will still have the same issues of running anti-virus/malware as you did running Windows natively.

For more info on VM’s and the software needed, see here:

KVM requires a CPU with hardware support
VMware doesn’t
Virtualbox doesn’t either, and is available in your package manager

My suggestion would be to tell us which bits of PaperPort you are missing, or what you want to do, and we’ll first see if we can find a native Linux app that will do the same.

And send a letter/email to ‘’ and ask them why they don’t do a Linux native version… although I wouldn’t expect a response in a hurry, if at all. :wink: