Patition corruption on my son's toshiba laptop

Hi, it would be great if anyone can help me with a problem!

My sons Toshiba laptop (windows 7) has a problem, error code 0x490 corrupted partition.

I have been told that that Linux has a download that will help me check if it is a problem with the os or the hard drive. If its true can you tell me what I need to do to dowload it?

Cheers Ed.

If you don’t have a Windows7 installation DVD, personally I’d download the Windows7 recovery CD (by Microsoft) from here:


(depending on whether you have Windows7 32bit or Win7 64bit)

Then follow the instructions for Using the Automated Startup Repair here:

BTW, those are NOT full Windows7 installation DVD’s (you cannot install Windows7 from them), but they do provide you with the Recovery tools.

You can also (from that disk) use the “Command prompt” to run:

chkdsk c: /f

Further information on running chkdsk (Check Disk) from the Windows command line can be found here:

under Method 2