Payback's a bitch!

If you recall, last week I made a post regard Linus giving NVIDIA the finger and telling them to go stick their heads where the sun don’t shine, as per say. Whilst there was a lot of bitchiness going on, it was established that NVIDIA didn’t want to release their code or specs for their cards.

During that time, the Chinese government was looking to order 10 Million GPU’s from NVIDIA with MIPS support in the driver. However, due to NVIDIA not implementing MIPS into the Linux driver, which of course was a very silly decision, NVIDIA have now lost out to AMD on a 200-500 million dollar deal.

Oh how that must hurt!

AMD’s not perfect when it comes to Linux support for its video cards, but the consensus is that they’re definitely trying harder than NVIDIA. The hope now is that this massive windfall will prove to AMD that there’s more to Linux than just a passionate user base. There’s money to be made, too, and it’s there for the taking.

Combine Torvalds’ rant and the GPU order win, and AMD’s got all the ammunition it needs to make some serious noise in the world of Linux and open source.

Source: Phoronix

Hmm… Already covered 8), see here:

It apperars that Nvidia is interested after all (or their engineers are):

Damn you SeZo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Except for the Optimus farce … which REALLY needs addressing by nVidia … I still prefer nVidia over ATI/AMD

ATI/AMD may give support to open source drivers (when they feel like it, and usually very slowly) … but their proprietary drivers still aren’t as good as nVidias

The ONLY problem I have with nVidia is Optimus … I’t ridiculous (these days) to say they’re for Win7 only … NO THEY’RE NOT, they’re for LAPTOPS, which can have many OS’s … I’ll bet they’re supported in Windows 8.