PC Self-build v Custom Build

I’ve started a new thread as I realised I’d strayed off topic in the last one!


I visited here this morning - https://www.scan.co.uk/ - and this is the list of components I used merely as a starting point.

Case - CIT 1016 Micro ATX with 500W PSU
Mobo - Gigabyte H310M
CPU - Intel i3 8100 Quad core Coffee Lake
RAM - 8GB (2x4) Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX Black PC4-17000 (2133)
Storage - Gigabyte 480GB 2.5" SSD SATA 111 66Gbs/s
DVD RW - Asus DRW-24D5MT
Keyboard - Logitech K120 USB

I asked the desk guy if there was much difference in price between self-build and custom-build and he said ‘not really these days’ and with custom-build you do get a fully tested system and a 3-year warranty … And he confirmed that all of these as listed are compatible.

To purchase for self-build quoted at £336. To purchase for custom build quoted at £500+. Obviously they’re charging the extra for the 3yr warranty…!

If you could run your eye over this list and give an opinion, I’d be grateful. Is it ‘overkill’ for what I’m going to use the computer for? Are there cheaper options and specs out there that would do as good a job? There’s lots of suppliers in the components market - do you have personal experience of any and standards of parts/service etc?

About the SSD - would it need some sort of extra chassis/bracket to fit it into the drive bay? It’s not clear on any website I’ve visited. And would the mobo stand-offs and screws come as supplied, or are these purchased separately?

I’m quite confident about self-build as I’ve taken apart and re-fitted most things in a computer except the motherboard but online videos seem to show that this job isn’t too much of a problem. I’m looking for a comprehensive guide at the moment if you know of one?

Thanks again for your time and interest.


The only things in that you’d really need to check would be the motherboard, and the graphics driver support for the coffeelake CPU

suggests the motherboard will be fine … with the right settings to allow booting from a USB stick for installation.

And phoronix suggest coffeelake support is now available in the 4.15 kernel onwards … so basically anything based on Ubuntu 18.04 onwards.

Earlier versions of Ubuntu could be made to work with the


kernel boot parameter, but it should no longer be necessary in 18.04

Yes, for normal desktop use (no gaming) you could probably get a slightly cheaper CPU … but personally I wouldn’t build anything less than an i3 nowadays, if only for future proofing … and by all accounts, that i3 performs pretty well (faster than a Skylake i5 according to Phoronix) so I’d say a pretty good choice.

Have you taken a look here…https://www.ebuyer.com sell full systems and components,it’s where I got most of my gear from when I was building my present pc.

Hi Mark - thanks for your input.

I take your point about motherboards and to that end have narrowed down my options to these -

Gigabyte H310M S2H (Socket 1151/H310 Express/DDR4/S-ATA 600/Micro ATX) - starting point

ASUS PRIME H310M-K Intel LGA-1151 mATX Gen 1 Motherboard (DDR4, 2666MHz ,SATA, 6 Gbps and USB 3.1) - Black Coffee Lake

ASRock H310M-HDV LGA1151/Intel H310/DDR4/SATA3&USB3.1/GbE/MicroATX Motherboard Coffee Lake ****

All three support DDR4 - 2666 RAM though Asus and Asrock have Coffee Lake chips so should work no problem with the i3 CPU. All cost within £10 of each other, depending on where you buy. What do you think?

The i3 definitely looks a goer to me - available on Amazon for £108 - £22 cheaper than the next cheapest.

EDIT: **** I just found this review on Amazon - Amazon.com - I’d be surprised if the mobo didn’t have onboard sound and it could have been a fault on that particular board but needs further investigation, I think.

Hi - and thanks for your reply. Yes, I’ve had a look and price-wise these components come out just slightly higher? At mo’ I’m trying to nail down the exact make/model of each component then do a full search as to prices (see reply above). I’m actually stuck picking a case just now - I don’t need anything fancy and prefer a mid-size, provided I can fit everything in… :smiley: and I thought choosing a wife was hard ::slight_smile:



I’ll see what I can find about those options tomorrow Rich … busy day today I’m afraid :slight_smile:

No rush! :wink:

Hi Mark

I’ve done as thorough a search as I can on all aspects of my proposed build and here is my definitive list - I’ve split it into 2 suppliers as it offers best price v availability.

Scan Computers:

Case - Value CiT Jetstream with 500W PSU
Mobo - ASrock H310M-HDV
Keyboard - Logitech K120 Total cost (collected) = £112.03


CPU - Intel Core i3-8100 Coffee Lake
RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 2666 (2x4GB)
SSD - Crucial MX500 3DNAND = £208.18 (assume free delivery)

Total = £320.21

This compares with over £500 for Scan to build similar. All other UK builders I could find are more expensive again.

I’d appreciate your thoughts and whether I’ve missed anything obvious?

Thanks again


Might also be worth posting on a pc custom build specific forum.I used one when I was building mine and my parts changed considerably after some very good advice ,unfortunately the Uk one I used is no longer around.