Peppermint 2 to Peppermint 3

I am trying the new version 3 via a live CD. If I decide to change from 2 to 3 can I upgrade.

If not how do I remove version 2 it is duel boot with Win 98 (used to play old DOS games).

Leave Win 98 and then install peppermint 3…

No sorry, you can’t “upgrade”.

You have a couple of options

a) Boot to the Peppermint 3 LiveCD … it Should display both Windows and Peppermint 2 and ask you which you’d like to replace


b) Boot to the Peppermint 3 LiveCD … use gparted to delete the Peppermint 2 partition(s) (leaving just Windows) … this time when you run the Peppermint 3 installer, it sould offer to install in the “free space”.

Thanks will keep this in mind.

OK, good luck … though you won’t need it … just remember the Peppermint install routine is NOT going to remove Windows unless you specifically tell it to, and it will give you the opportunity to change your mind and back out before making any changes :wink:

But as with any MAJOR system changes, it’s always a good idea to backup anything you can’t afford to loose FIRST … just in case :wink:

welcome to peppermint Tramlink… hope you went ahead and installed…
fwiw, on my original laptop, i have a triple boot of peppermintOne, Two and Windows 8 Consumer preview running just for giggles…