Peppermint 5 and Ubuntu 14.04 installed

A little while ago I decided to replace Ubuntu12.04 with 14.04 on my Desktop and Peppermint 4 with 5 on my old Dell Laptop, created the live CD’s for both OS and off we go. Well the 14.04 would not run on the desktop and though the Peppermint 5 ran as a live CD on the laptop it would not boot after install. After some questions and the usual great help from the members on here I finally decided to try the 14.04 on the Laptop and it worked straight away! Have run thus now for some weeks and it’s fine, today I decided to try the Peppermint 5 CD in the desktop, dual booted it with the 12.04 and , yes you have guessed it , it works just fine! I think I will never understand computers.
Anyway one happy bunny with both systems operating though on transposed computers.
No doubt I will be back soon with more questions.


hehe, terrific…

As they’re both basically the same thing this should be surprising … but that’s computers for you.