Peppermint 5 is now available for download

The made-over Peppermint website is now LIVE

Complete with Peppermint 5 ISO links

Go get it :slight_smile:

Any idea when the Distrowatch review will be? Next week, later…?
I don’t think there’s too many other releases coming up, so maybe easier to put the pressure on them :slight_smile:

Haven’t got the foggiest … I’ve never had much to do with Distrowatch, and certainly never been “in touch” with them.

Shane/Kendall probably takes care of that.

I know Shane sends out press releases, I’d assume Distrowatch are somewhere at the top of his list :wink:

Jesse is pretty good, I suggested a tutorial on LVM and he posted one within 2 weeks!

Cool (and a good explanation of LVM) … I’m pretty sure Jesse did a review that included Peppermint 4 at some point (and IIRC he liked it), maybe you’d like to suggest a Peppermint 5 review :wink:


Peppermint 5 is already listed on DistroWatch:

and on the front page:

and here’s the first YouTube mini preview I’ve seen

Yeah, that’s just the news article though (everyone gets one of them!), I mean a proper review in Distrowatch Weekly.

I might buzz him an e-mail on the train home :slight_smile:

Nice … cheers :slight_smile:

Here’s what I got back:


They say great minds think alike. I already downloaded and installed
Peppermint 5, a review will be coming in a few weeks. I too am moving
family and friends from Windows XP to Linux and Peppermint is the
distribution they all seem to prefer. Definitely give it a go, it’s a
really good XP replacement.


So should be a positive review too :smiley:

Cool … thanks chemicalfan, much appreciated :slight_smile: