peppermint 7, 32bit or 64bit on Dell D531 (solved)

Hi everyone, newbie alert.
I’ve been spending some time here swotting up on Linux. I’ve decided to go with Peppermint 7 on my ‘backup’ laptop, a Dell D531 which currently has windows 7 . My question is : should I install the 32bit or 64bit ? Thanks in advance.

Am I right in assumi ng the D531 has a dual core AMD Turion X2 processor ? … if so, get the 64bit version of Peppermint.

If unsure, get the 64bit version anyway … if it boots, great install it … if it doesn’t, try the 32bit version.

But I’m pretty sure all Turions X2’s are 64bit capable.

I think you’re right about the processor. Didn’t get your reply before I installed & went 64bit anyway. Everything’s gone well as far as I can tell. I haven’t had long to play with it but am so far most impressed. I didn’t quite know what to expect but so far it doesn’t look scary. What I like most are: boots up in a fraction of time of Win10, that fraction being app. 1/10th ; NO $**^%$ing updating.
That’s all Win (& the antiviruses) seems to want to do & is one of the majour reasons I was looking for an alternative. I can leave the Dell off for days & there’s no huge backlog of updating, in fact none at all. Bliss. Actually that’s why I chose to upgrade the Dell o/s. It had been off for too long & was rendered usable through the hours & hours of updates it was desperate to install. I’m now considering going dual boot on this laptop.

Glad you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

There may be updates, have you clicked the “Shield” by your clock ? … but even when there are updates they install VERY quickly by Windows standards, they’re never going to install without your say so, and no multiple reboots between update “batches” :slight_smile:
In fact NO reboots after updates … a kernel update requires a single reboot to load the new kernel but the system will happily keep using the old one until you shut down for the night, and the new kernel will load next morning, and when I say “load” I don’t mean “install” , non of that “Please wait whilst Windows installs your updates” annoyance :slight_smile:

Thanks, got the update thing early on. Much nicer. Have been using the Dell a bit more now liking more & more (on it now). Still learning though hence new topic.