Peppermint Four Release Announced - Friday June 14, 2013

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Congrats to the devs for bringing this out. I might try it sometime.

But just thinking ahead. I wonder if Peppermint 5 (or any other derivatives) will be affected by the changes Ubuntu is making in the packaging system and the new display server :-\

Looking forward to it,

I’ll be back with plenty of questions, as I’m now window less :), so I might need a tuturial on creating a live usb stick on linux.


try unetbootin easy to use and has a ok gui

Creating a LiveUSB in Windows or Linux ? … if Linux, which distro/version ?

I’ll be doing another tutorial for the AA1 … most of which also applies to other hardware.

PeppermintOS3 is the only OS I now have.
running on aa1
my desktop computer which was duel booted with xp and peppermint 2, when i tried to boot it with just peppermint 3, it would recognise the usb stick only as fdd not hdd. So I’m left with nothing on the desktop (which I don’t use very often), then I decided to wait for peppermint4.
Which is where I am at the moment.
If needed, I can get my son to create a usb stick on his windows computer, but it would be good if i can do it on my own,( with a little help of course).

We’ll work it out after release :slight_smile:

For now, you could prepare by running this on your AA1:

sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk

You’ll then find a new menu item

menu>System Tools>Startup Disk Creator

Which we’ll use to create the Peppermint 4 LiveUSB when you have the ISO image.

Thanks for the heip Mark,

what I’ll do is start a new topic after the release, so anyone looking for the same thing will find it easier to find.

again thanks.


Peppermint 4 sounds great, however is there a compelling reason to upgrade from v3,

I have Peppermint 3 running on 4 different machines (2 desktops & 2 Laptops) and I have them all set up exactly the way I want and they’re all running sweet, the only thing I would change if anything is the file manager which is a bit austere for my tastes but I suspect Peppermint 4 would be the same


Nope, no reason to move from PM3 → PM4 if you don’t want to.

Yes, (default) File manager is still PCManFM, though obviously a later version (there are some things I’d “like” to say here, but can’t) … All I can say is why not download the ISO (when released), bung it on a LiveUSB and see for yourself if you want to bother.


Just as a matter of interest - what is it about PCManFM you don’t like or think is missing ?

Thanks for the reply Mark

I have a partition on this PC that I installed Mint 15 on and I’ve decided Mint isn’t for me any more, I’m not saying Mint’s a bad distro but it just doesn’t seem to suit my purposes, I intend it wipe Mint and Install Peppermint 4 on that partition and play around with it for a while to see what it has to offer

Thanks for your advice


Sounds like a plan to me :slight_smile:

Did you see the edit above ?

Just as a matter of interest - what is it about PCManFM you don't like or think is missing ?

For me it looks a little bland compared to say Cinnamon, but that can just be taken as a personal opinion, but there is one thing I want that I’m not even sure any other File manager can do any way, which is this

I have a folder full of Music albums and I would like to display the folder view as CD art instead of just a folder icon, to be fair I’m not sure that any file manager can do that although I know it can be done in Windows

For me it looks a little bland compared to say Cinnamon, but that can just be taken a personal opinion

So it’s mainly “appearance” ?

All I’m going to say is … Hmm (teaser ?) :slight_smile:

Don’t know about other file managers, but I doubt if displaying content on the icons, or suchlike, will ever be part of PCManFM … it’s designed to be light but functional, and that doesn’t add any functionality … stuff like that is more for the full fat file managers.

There’s always a trade off … bells and whistles Vs Light and quick … but there’s nothing stopping you changing file manager in Peppermint (or any other distro for that matter.

Personally I like PCManFM, I think (for me) it’s got the functionality/speed line in about the right place … The few things I thought could do with improving, well wait and see in 2 days :wink:

I think you may be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:


AFAIK, in Nautilus (and probably other file managers) can change the folder icons on a per folder basis … dunno if there’s a way to automate it to change to album art, but it can be manually done.

[EDIT 2]

Yup, it can be done in Nautilus … see here:

(not tested this though, and that article is kinda old)

So it's mainly "appearance" ?

All I’m going to say is … Hmm (teaser ?)

Yes I’ll admit I do like a bit of polish :slight_smile: but I wouldn’t be prepared to take a noticeable performance hit to get it, peppermint 3 runs so fast on this machine I think it could take a little bit of bloat without it being all that noticeable ,

Almost everything in life’s a compromise and I suppose any OS is only as fast as the hardware it’s running on, so although I don’t have a super fast PC it’s more than adequate and I think could easily handle a little extra load


Yup, it can be done in Nautilus .. see here:

Yep that’s exactly what I would like to do :slight_smile:


But a lot of people aren’t willing to take the performance hit … swings and roundabouts, and you can’t please all the people all the time.

As I said, nothing stopping you from swapping file managers.

I thought Nautilus did the album art as the folder by default nowadays (without the thing I linked to earlier) ?

Coverart Tumbnailer is available from a PPA (up to Ubuntu 12.04) as documented here:

Homepage here:

Which contains the source code if you want to try compile it for later versions.

BE AWARE - This will NOT work with Peppermint’s default file manager

But a lot of people aren't willing to take the performance hit ... swings and roundabouts, and you can't please all the people all the time.

I can understand that, I suppose that’s the real beauty of Linux it’s not a one size fits all system, it can be what ever you want it to be or what you can make it

but the point I was trying to make was if you have that bit of extra horse power the hit doesn’t have to be all that painful if at all :slight_smile:


As you say, the beauty of Linux is you can mix and match, and there’'s usually a distro out there that’s pretty close to what you want which can be used as a starting point.

Or you can roll your own from scratch if there isn’t :slight_smile:

Aint freely available/modifiable code a wonderful thing ;D