Peppermint OS 3 fixed

Hi Mark,
I was keen to try the new Pep3 and have downloaded the iso on my Windows computer.
Do I need to wipe off Peppermint OS 2 from my computer before I install the new Pep 3, or will Pep 3 overwrite the previous version ?
I have still to download the Universal USB Installer, but I suppose if I follow the original instructions you gave for installing Pep 2 I should be ok.

take care
Don W

Yes, the Peppermint 3 installer will wipe the drive, so be sure to backup anything you need first.

The installer gives an option for Autologin, so if you select that, there’s no need for “Stage 9” of the Peppermint 2 instructions.

Other than that, and a slight modification to the “Addendum” which I’ve already changed in the Peppermint 2 instructions … it’s all pretty much the same instructions.

Just a suggestion for the future. If you get a chance do create a separate /home partition.
It will save you a lot of trouble the next time you doing a complete re-install.

I have taken this advice years ago and never looked back.

I do not understand why this is not offered as a standard option during instal. ::slight_smile:

I’d have to agree … also a separate /boot doesn’t hurt (in case you go distro hopping) … call me lazy, but I considered both of those beyond the scope of the original Peppermint tutorial :slight_smile:

Specially when I’d immediately have to deal with “how do I”, and “how large” type questions … and that’s a tutorial in its own right.

Hi Mark,
I have just downloaded the Universal USB Installer but there is no option (yet?) of selecting Peppermint OS 3/
I will wait for the option to be added

take care
Don W

Sorry Mark, it is not a dig at your excellent tutorial. I am complaining in general (against all the distros I tried).
Specially it is important to preserve the user files located in the /home directory, when there is a requirement to upgrade or re-install every six months or so.

Specially when I'd immediately have to deal with "how do I", and "how large" type questions .. and that's a tutorial in its own right.
I personally set the partitions such (regardless of the disk size) [b]/ (root)[/b] @ 20 Gb max [b]/swap[/b] (twice the size of ram) and allocate the rest to [b]/home[/b]

In Stage 9 of the instructions I have
'Installing the extra software (part two) ? (using the Synaptic Package Manager)
Or am I completely lost (again)

take care
Don W

@ donwatson

My mistake … I meant “Stage 6” can be skipped if you select Autologin as an option during the install.

Also, if you already have Peppermint Two installed (or Ubuntu/Mint/Debian) … install the “Startup Disk Creator”:

sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk

then (in Peppermint) go to menu>System Tools>Startup Disk Creator … and use that to create the Peppermint Three LiveUSB :slight_smile:
(That’s is how I created my Peppermint Three Live USB … if you need instructions, just ask)

Another option would be to use something like Unetbootin in Windows or Linux:
But I don’t think that supports “persistence”.

And I suppose yet another option would be to rename the Peppermint Three ISO image to the name of the Peppermint Two ISO image …
for 32bit Peppermint Three, rename the ISO to - Peppermint-Two-i386-06052011.iso
for 64bit Peppermint Three, rename the ISO to - Peppermint-Two-amd64-06052011.iso
then just set Universal USB Installer to create a Peppermint Two LiveUSB, and point it at the renamed ISO :wink:
(though I haven’t tried this, I can see no reason why it wouldn’t work)

@ SeZo

Sorry Mark, it is not a dig at your excellent tutorial. I am complaining in general (against all the distros I tried).

I know you weren’t :slight_smile: … and I fully agree with you, it should be offered as a default install option (maybe with a slider for partition size) … I can’t see how that would be hard to do.

Maybe they think “sliders” would confuse people … bang goes then :wink:

Time to switch distro I guess. :B

Eh ???

I forgot that P3 was out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m very happy with it … now that I’ve removed most (all ?) of the changes and got it back to Peppermint Two but with the 12.04 repos and 5 years support.

It has Gimp 2.8 in its repos by default, and the MintUpdate manager … if you like that … I don’t, but most people do because it sits in the system tray and notifies you of available updates … which is one of the thing I DON’T like about it, along with the fact that it tries to make decisions for me … since when is a kernel update considered dangerous, or non-critical ?

A light coloured theme/artwork, with transparent panel … which also had to go, as a transparent panel with black text on my dark wallpaper just didn’t work … and I CANNOT (read REFUSE to) change my wallpaper just so it works with their choice of panel settings, icons, text :wink:
(I know this sound like I’m nit picking, but wait till you try to work out how to get the dark panel icons, text, and “menu” button back to light ones that work on a dark panel or transparent panel with dark wallpaper … only easy when you know how, and will confuse the hell out of new users that want to use a dark wallpaper with the transparent panel)

Someone (obvioulsy an Aussy) on the Peppermint forum said the default wallpaper reminds him of his windscreen after hitting a “roo” … which will make you laugh when you see it :slight_smile:

It’s also “slightly” heavier on system resources … when I got it exaclty the same as Peppermint 2 it uses 117MB (desktop from boot) as opposed to PM2’s 93MB … so heavier, but not by much.

Default install, minus BlueMan and minus MintUpdate … actually came in at 85MB, which was slightly BETTER than a default install of PM2 … but as I said, by the time I had them EXACTLY (or as close as you can get it with the GTK3 libs) the same, it was “slightly” heavier … but not by an amount that’ll make a difference unless you have a major lack of RAM.

Ah cool, and that made me laugh a lot. I seen the changes you said in the screenshots.

Aside from the wallpaper doesn’t seem too bad. Although I’ll have to find out for myself. I like the transparent panel… but that wallpaper is ugly.

Posted from Samsung Galaxy S3.

What a stick in the mud. You should embrace changes, do not fight them. :wink:

I have just tried to get an internet connection through Mozilla Firefox but it won’t work.
It gives a 404 Not Found error
‘The requested URL /2/Google/ was not found on this server’
‘Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80’
What has gone wrong. When I opened Firefox it said it had to install the latest updates, it then went belly up. ?

I think maybe from the latest comments I may be as well sticking with OS2 for the moment.
I may be better getting OS2 to work first ?

take care
Don W

404 errors usually occur when the hosts server isn’t reachable.

@ donwatson

It looks like the default homepage for Firefox tried to go to:-
which isn’t a valid URL

Chances are if you type:-
into the address bar and hit enter … firefox will work perfectly.
(if so, just change the homepage in Firefox)

And there’s no real point in installing Peppermint Two “first” … support for Peppermint Two will cease in October.

Hey, I never said I wasn’t fickle :stuck_out_tongue:

That whole post was ONLY made so you could include the last line … show off :wink:

As for the Peppermint Three default wallpaper, Shane said it was designed by a very talented Bulgarian art student … I’ve never been able to get my head around how an out of focus shot of something is “artistic” … seems more like what I regularly get when I accidentally nudge the the shutter release whilst carrying the camera.

I’m an “accidental artist” … just invented a new occupation :slight_smile:

Lies… I was just replying :B

I’ve never understood that either. I guess you could call it bokeh, but then again it doesn’t really seem bokeh-Ish.

Ooooooo … Bokeh … see still showing off :wink:
(I had to google that)


One might even say it’s reminiscent of the old impressionist masters, and gives one a succinct sense of fluidity that gently plays with the imagin … oh sod off you arty pansy, it’s where I dropped the camera and accidentally took an out of focus shot of where my 3 year old rubbed crayon into the wall :slight_smile:

(not aimed at anyone in particular … just the idiots that hang out in art galleries trying to impress each other)

Thanks Guys,
You have helped me a lot and gave me a good laugh as well.
I suppose I must knuckle down now and see about an install of OS3.
I will need to wait until Friday so that will give me time to think.

take care
Don W