Peppermint3 live usb distro problem (SOLVED)

Just installed Peppermint3 on my micro sd usb stick (4gb with 3gb persistence)

I am stuck at the boot page.

It reads

Default (highlighted)

Automatic boot 10 seconds (countdown)

Every time I wait for automatic boot or press enter on default it just resets and starts again 10,9,8,7 etc and then does the same again.

Any suggestions?

Yeh … if you’re creating the LiveUSB on an Ubuntu based PC use Startup Disk Creator (usb-creator-gtk) instead :wink:

Cheers. I’ll give it a go.

I did what you said Mark. All seemed fine until re-boot. I got this:

Syslinux 3.63 Debian-2012-04-16 Ebois copyright
Missing paremeter in configuration file.

It’s probably the USB stick.

What happens if you hit “Tab” when you get to “boot:” … does it display any options ?

or when you get to “boot:”


and hit enter ?

Did you let Startup Disk Creator format the USB stick before creating ? … if not, you might want to try that in case the Unetbooting bootloaderr was left behind.

Nup. Not made any difference. Changed usb, formated then formated master boot record fat32…everything. The same message appears. :frowning:

a) Did you let Startup Disk Creator do the formatting?

b) Have you checked the MD5 checksum of the ISO image ?

c) Are you sure this system can boot from LiveUSB sticks … how old is the system … have you ever successfully booted a different LiveUSB on this system ?

d) is the new USB stick the same make/model as the old one ?

a) No
b) No
c) Yes
d) No

Probably a good idea to make “a” and “b” say yes then :wink:

I’ve NEVER had any problems with Peppermint on a USB stick.

Can you tell an idiot how to check the checksum? :slight_smile: Is it with ‘Disk utility’?

Let’s say the file is called Peppermint-3-20121105-i386.iso and it’s on your Desktop:

md5sum ~/Desktop/Peppermint-3-20121105-i386.iso

You should get output like:-

05157d6dbd4ab7953870e9ee308a70a5 /home/mark/Desktop/Peppermint-3-20121105-i386.iso

Check the MD5 against the ones published here:

Thanks I will try that.

Update. Sorry for delay.

Checked everything. Checksum, different usb sticks. Different distro’s. Nothing works. I vaguely remember this problem from the past and found that the only way to get a usb distro to boot was to…use the MS Windows Pendrive program! Surely not. I know it has to be me. i just do not know where I am going wrong.

so when you boot the LiveUSB what happens ?

Syslinux 3.6 Debian-2012-04-16 ebios (forgot the rest) :-[

missing parameter in configuration file

missing parameter in configuration file boot:
You could try this solution: Open your USB flash, open file /syslinux/syslinux.cfg, find the word ui and remove it along with it's following space. Save and Done Now try to boot with it.

Try just typing live and hitting enter.

as in:-

boot: live

and hit enter.

Thanks Guys

Typed ‘live’

Will give Peppermint a go. :slight_smile: Will have to get rid of the dreadful Chrome browser though!

Tiz odd innit ?

I have to do the:-

boot: live

thing on a LiveUSB of Peppermint One, created using usb-creator-gtk from Peppermint 3 … yet I can see nothing wrong in the syslinux.cfg ???

Maybe it’s a “version” thing … maybe it would work if I created it in Peppermint One/Ubuntu 10.04

I may give it a go at some point and see if I can work out what’s different.