PeppermintOS reveal on @Stevesveryown Sunday Linux Coffee Klatch 5/17/2020

Fans of peppermintOS may well be pleased to know there were a few reveals about how #teampeppermint is coming back together in the wake of @PCNetSpec’s untimely passing in January of 2020.

On the May 17th episode of Sunday Linux Coffee Klatch hosted by @stevesveryown, there was an approved bit of pepOS news released

Mostly we’re pleased to let the world know, PeppermintOS will LIVE ON! We have a build/code/dev team, rounded up from within the peppermint forums and his associates. They’re currently sorting thru the voluminous work PCNetSpec left behind as they sort out what may come next for pepOS. Happily he left us some guidance and a bit of a reveal of his own in his last ever interview here:

Sunday was a bit of a worldwide trainwreck for everyone attempting to zoom into anything… anywhere… I personally didn’t get to make it on air for my debut until the 2:10:whatever mark.

Meanwhile #teampeppermint’re active whenever anyone needs a hand:

We’re keeping a light on for ya’ll


That is great news. Been waiting for this ever since we lost PCNetSpec. It may well be a long road because Mark was Mr Peppermint through and through and spent all his time making it better and better, carrying on is a testament to his legacy.

Thank you for the update 8)

Great news for all us Pepperminters.