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I know there are some digital photographers that use this forum, so I thought I’d post a link to something I stumbled upon whilst surfing.

Tethered Shooting with Entangle
(the article that originally put me onto Entangle)

Tethering your DSLR camera to a computer opens a whole new world of possibilities: you can instantly view your shots on a large screen, trigger your camera remotely, practice the art of time-lapse photography, and perform other clever tricks. While commercial tethering software for Windows and Mac OS X often costs serious money, you can enjoy all the advantages of tethered shooting on Linux free of charge courtesy of Entangle. This tethering software lets you control practically all camera settings, trigger the shutter from the computer, view a live preview of a scene, and automatically download captured images to the computer.
Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04 users can install it from the GetDeb software repository: and

Everyone else will have to compile/install … source code and list of required dependencies are in the FAQ on the Entangle website:

If anyone needs help (with installation, not using … I’m not a photographer) … just ask :wink:

Thanks really interesting. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome … you and BkS were the people that immediately sprang to mind when I spotted it :wink:

As soon as I get my 500D, my laptop will instantly become more useful! Tethering is so cool. :3 T’is also so much better for doing studio shots.

Thanks for that mark I’m not in a postion to use it at the moment but worth remembering