Photos from Nokia Phone on Linux- no opening SOLVED

Hey guys,
When I plug in the phone into my laptop- Peppermint 3- so I can open the photos to save on the laptop they don’t open- what’s to do? See screen grab.

Nokia 6303i classic.

Hi Melissa

Are you trying to open the files directly from the phone folder ?

If so can you try copying or moving the files over to your laptop first then try to open them


I have plugged the phone in via a usb Emegra. How do I copy them from the phone to the laptop?

Ok in your phone images folder

(1) click “Edit” from the top toolbar then from the dropdown menu click “Select all” that will highlight all the files in that folder

(2) click “Edit” again then select “Copy”

(3) navigate to your pictures folder (or wherever you want to copy them to) click “Edit” then select “Paste” from the dropdown menu

All the files should copy over, once they’re copied over try opening them

Good luck


There is no function like that on the phone Graeme. The photos are in the phone desktop under my items. Next I have to select photos. then when I open that I see my photos. I open that and all the photos are there. If I select a photo I get options, but all I get are:

send ( as email)
use photo
edit photo( which is crop etc)
slide show
add to album

I think I know what it might be now Emegra- my friend gave me this phone as doesn’t remember the memory card password and I think my photos are saved on the phone itself. I have no idea how to override the password. I never had problems doing this before- once had an older phone and a crappy old Microsoft desktop! this is really annoying me as there are photos I need to save to the laptop so can have more room to take more.

Plug in your phone.

when you see the window like your first attached picture above

Hit Ctrl+A … to highlight all the pictures.

then whilst they are all highlighted hit Ctrl+C … to copy all the pictures.

Now go to your Peppermint Home folder, and enter the “Pictures” directory.

Now hit Ctrl+V to paste the pictures.

This can also me done with the mouse … surely you know how to select multiple files, then right click them and select “Copy” … then navigate somewhere else, right-click and select “Paste” ?

Melissa maybe I’m not grasping this but your original post showed an image of your phone image files on your laptop located at mtp://[usb:003,003]/Phone memory(C:)/images,

so while at that location follow the instruction I posted on your laptop not the phone

AWESOME! It worked- you the man Emegra! Thanks very much!

Thanks Mark- might try this option next time also.

Thanks Mark- might try this option next time also.

Either option will work just the same.

make sure you can open all your photos on the laptop before deleting them from your phone and you’re done

Glad you got it sorted


Thanks very much- very grateful- I had been trying to figure it out for ages!