Picture thumbnails in folders & permanently mounting things on desktop

Hello again, more questions I’m afraid.

First of all, I’m sorting through my huge photo collection and deleting all the duplicates (and triplicates) but am finding it hard going due to the fact that all the photos are displayed in the folders as plain icons as opposed to the minature thumbnail photos you get in windows. Is there a downloadable thingamy that’ll display thumbnails in Ubuntu?

Also, is there any way of permanently mounting shortcuts onto the desktop so that they’re there on boot up? I want to mount a shortcut to my networked hard drive to save having to hunt for it each time through the drop down tabs.

Thanks for any help,


Just noticed that it’s only the folders on the networked drive that isn’t showing thumbnails, the few photos I have on the machines drive are showing thumbnails.

For the thumbnails…

Open the Nautilus file browser, then go to [b]Edit>Preferences>Preview /b

Then under Other previewable files

Change the setting to-

Show Thumbnails: Always

You may also want to change the size limit if your photo’s are large.

OK, the easiest way to create a desktop icon for your Linkstation (or other NAS drive)…

Right-click on the desktop and select Create Launcher -

Type: Location
Name: Linkstation (or whatever you want)
Command: smb:// (IP address of the linkstation)
Comment Network Attached Storage

Click on the little picture top left, and navigate to the icon you want to use.

Click OK

I’ve uploaded a Buffalo Linkstation icon to my dropbox, if you want it:


Thanks again, yet again you have come to my rescue Mr Greaves. All seems to be working well. I think I would have been lost without you by now.

That icon looks good, but I’m sorry to say that I don’t know what to do with it. I’m not very good at this computing lark really. I can’t even find the sump plug! (though I do know where the dip-stick is before anyone comments!) :wink:

I shall have a play and see if I can figure it out.

Thanks again,


If you’ve already created the desktop launcher…

Download the icon, and put it somewhere in your home folder (or anywhere you like).

Then right-click the launcher you created, and select Properties, now on the Basic tab you should see a little picture (usually a springboard by default) top left… click that… now navigate to where you put the icon, select it and click OK.

It should now show the icon :slight_smile:

BTW, it won’t display as big as the pic above on the desktop… it will be normal icon size.

Done, thanks very much (again).

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

BTW, you’ll find a load of other icons in /usr/share/icons if you want to change it.