Pingdom claim Linux is the fastest growing DESKTOP OS

Pingdom claim on their blog:
That Linux is the fastest growing “Desktop” OS with a 64% increase in uptake in the last 9 months.

Though they still only put it in the higher end of 1% desktop share … which I’d dispute … the blog doesn’t suggest where they are getting their metrics ???

Still good news though … and hopefully that figure wll keep rising when Windows 8 is released to/forced upon a less than impressed (at the consumer preview) public. :wink:

Interesting. I’d most definitely say we are not “1%” of the whole desktop share, I’d say Windows is about 80-87%, then OS X & Linux fill accordingly. Good to note that Linux is on the raise though. Personally I’ve noticed a lot of increased activity for Linux in the past 12 months.

Perhaps people are finally coming out their shell and will actually test Linux. :smiley: