Placing programs on the desktop (Icons)

How do I put program icons and other items on the desktop.
I have ‘moved’ a file to the desktop from within the ‘file selector’ but dont know how to place other stuff like programs.


See here:

Once the Launcher is created, just enter the command to start the application, or path to the folder etc. … and give the Launcher a name and Icon.

This is no longer as easy as it was in Ubuntu <= 11.04

Another way of creating a desktop launcher for a particular installed application youd bve to open the
folder in nautilus:

nautilus /usr/share/applications

Then COPY any of the launchers in there to your desktop.

Be aware -

  1. DO NOT remove them from that folder … copy them instead

  2. Not ALL installed applications will have a launcher in that folder

I think I’ll give it a miss for tonight as all the stuff I’m trying to do is frying my brain, I think I’ll go and stick my head in the freezer for a while.